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hp_crackship's Journal

The H.M.S. Crackship!
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The Harry Potter Ficathon Devoted to Crack Pairings!
Your Merry Mods:




1) You must be at least 18 to participate. All participants will be required to make an age statement to this effect. Sorry, but LJ sucks and all.

2) All stories must be rated, and put under an LJ Cut.

3) This ficathon is for Harry Potter, crack!pairing fanfiction only. No other fandoms are allowed. Canon pairings are not allowed.

4) NC-17 material (otherwise known as explicit adult content) is not required, but is allowed. Mods will come down very, very hard on EAC that is not properly rated and not under an LJ cut. Everyone who participates in this ficathon will be required to make a disclaimer along with the age statement to the effect of understanding the nature of the community and the possibility of explicit content. No complaining. There is more about explicit material and ages down below with the Rules for Writing section.

5) For watchers: There will be NC-17 material on the community. Probably slash, femmslash, het, and some things we haven't thought of yet. Don't be an asshat, okay? You've been warned, and if you didn't read these rules it's your own fault for not paying attention to the warnings. And really, if you don't know there's going to be NC-17 material in an HP crack!pairing ficathon, then you've been living under a rock and need to get out more.

Rules for Sign Up

1) Each round will begin with a sign up post. In comments to the sign up post for that round, you will submit three requests using the form below.

2) We will do our best to give your request to a writer who writes for at least two or three of your requested pairings, but if this is not possible, your requests may be given to someone who writes for the pairing listed in your first request.

3) During the sign-up, you will also need to specify what you will and won't write. This includes specific pairings, specific kinks, whether or not you’re willing to write slash/femmeslash, or even if you’re unwilling to write NC-17 material at all. And please let us know if you're willing to be a backup writer in case someone else can't fulfill their commitment.

4) Please sign up with all the following information. (Just copy the following format and paste it into a reply to this post.)

LiveJournal name:
E-mail address:

Request 1:
Things you don't want: (specific pairings, het and/or slash, character death, poodles, whatever)

Request 2:
Things you don't want:

Request 3:
Things you don't want:

List all of the pairings you're willing to write.

List anything that you're not willing to write. (specific pairings, het and/or slash, character death, poodles, whatever)

Are you willing to be a back-up writer in case of default?


1) Because of the crack!pairing nature of the ficathon, some of pairings may be hard to match. To make sure every requested pairing is matched with a writer, we'd like anyone who is able to sign up as a pinch-hitter. In this case, a pinch-hitter is not the same as a backup writer - a pinch hitter is someone who knows Harry Potter lexicon and mythology well and is either (a) signing up to write but is willing to write a second story (in addition to their choice from the three prompts they are given) in case a pairing is hard to match or (b) someone who may not be interested in participating for any of the more popular crack!pairings (Sirius/Remus, Snarry, etc.), but would be willing to write for a lesser-known crack!pairing. (This means, theoretically, you could be a writer, a backup writer, and a pinch-hitter if you so chose. You'd be insane, but you could.)

2) A pinch-hitter will not be guaranteed a prompt, but it's fairly likely that they will get one, depending on the pairings they’re willing to write. If we match up a set of prompts with someone who only writes for the more popular crack!pairings prompted, and those smaller crack!pairings are not represented elsewhere, we will pass the spare prompts onto a pinch-hitter. This will mean that some people will end up with more than one person writing for them, but it will guarantee that all requested pairings are represented.

3) If you are signing up as a pinch-hitter, this is all the information you need to provide (copy and paste the following in a reply to this post):

List all of the pairings you're willing to write.

List anything that you're not willing to write. (het and/or slash; character death, poodles, whatever)

Are you willing to be a back-up writer in case of default?

Rules for Writing

1) All stories should be focused on a crack!pairing within the Harry Potter world. This means the stories must be focused on romantic/sexual pairings that are not the norm, and would even be considered a little insane in canon. The usual non-cannon pairings (Snarry and the like) are allowed, but we'd really like to see more creativity, some really out there pairings.

2) No incest - not even the suggestion thereof - is allowed. It's squicky. Sorry. Not to mention LJ might have a field day with it.

3) Regarding sexual activity portrayed in fanfiction for this ficathon: No characters under the age of 16 may be described as being involved in hardcore sexual activity, period. Kissing and hand-holding is fine, anything more is not. Characters between the ages of 16 and 18 (18 for real-world age of consent issues) may not be described as engaged in sexual activity with any character over the age of 18. All characters over the age of 18 may only be described having sex with other adults over the age of 18. We know this is getting specific, guys, but it's to protect this community and all the writers therein. We don't want another Strikethrough, do we?

4) Of the three prompts given to you, you only need to write one. (Though you certainly could write them all if you wished. You'd be insane, but you could.)

5) Entries for the ficathon must be a minimum of 500 words.

6) Stories are due between July 27, 2008 and August 2, 2008. We would prefer that you post the actual story to this community, but you may also post a link to your own journal. If you can't finish your story by the deadline, please notify the organizers as soon as possible. We're happy to give you a short extension, or assign your prompts to a backup writer, no judgment attached, but we'll get a little cross if you don't tell us.

7) Defaulting writers will be monitored during the next round as an attempt to prevent further defaulting. Any writer who defaults two rounds in a row will no longer be allowed to participate in the ficathon.

Dates - Round One

Sign-Ups End: June 15th at midnight (Central U.S. time)
Assignments given: on or before June 22
Stories Due: between July 27 and August 2

One final (important) note:

Please, please be careful about specifying what you will and won't write, and what you do and don't want to see in your stories. We don't want to give you a prompt for something you hate, nor do we want you to get back a story you are dissatisfied with. If you post your sign up comment and later think of something you really should have mentioned, reply to your original comment and we'll add it for you. Help us match you the best way possible by being as specific as possible with your requests.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in comments. Thanks for joining us, and please spread the word!

These rules modified from the rules at family_haven, which were modified from somewhere else, modified from somewhere else, which were... yeah.